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The global pandemic has forced many small organizations, NGOs, non-profits, and charities to move all their processes online. It has revealed a huge need for quick digital transformation. That's where we come in; we can help you become a tech-enabled organization.


Our team helps you identify the platforms, applications, tools, software, and hardware you need to complete all your core organizational tasks online and in a secure manner.


We act as the remote IT team that helps you transform into a tech-enabled organization and supports you while you focus on programs that are making a social impact.

Regulatory compliance

Ensuring proper legal and process documentation is in place is the first step towards building data protection into every aspect of your organization. Training your staff to utilize that documentation and operationalize it is what needs to follow. We can help you with both.

Security measures

The GDPR and other privacy laws require teams to guarantee the safety of the data they are managing. ISO 27001, NIST framework, and PCI DSS are just a few standards your organization might be obligated to adhere to. Our team can help you implement any security measure.

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